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Green Mountain Church (UNESCO SITE) & Telč (UNESCO SITE) with Private Guide - D10

Vysočina and South Moravia: An Unusual Pilgrimage Site & Historic Town and Its Renaissance Chateau

Zelená Hora (Green Mountain) is located on the border between the Bohemian and Moravian regions and features an unusual pilgrimage site of outstanding Baroque devotion. It’s a chapel dedicated to one of the most significant Czech saints – St. John of Nepomuk. His statue on the Charles Bridge in Prague is the one that each visitor touches in hopes of fulfilling their wishes.

One of the key elements in the canonization process of St. John was the miracle in which five stars appeared over the martyr’s head. This is why the architect, Jan Santini Aichel, chose the unusual layout of a star for this site. A genius architect, he never fails to surprise with his sacral architecture that inventively and successfully combines the principles of Baroque and Gothic styles. The star theme and the symbolism of the number are ubiquitous in this unique pilgrimage site. Aside from its beautiful setting in the local rolling landscape, this truly unusual church was the result of an exceptional encounter of two minds - Václav Vejmluva, the builder (then the Abbot of the Cistercian Monastery in Žďár) and Santini, the architect. For many years they collaborated on symbolism and Kabbalah teachings.

The town of Telč is located in Moravia, although Bohemia is just around the corner. It is renowned for its picturesque square, composed of houses with arcades and Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque facades. As you walk around, you get a sense that you must be in the midst of a fairy-tale film set. The square and its adjoining Renaissance chateau were enclosed by ramparts surrounded by ponds that provided a double protection for the town. This natural framework makes Telč even more attractive to tourists. Thanks to its picturesque beauty, Telč has also been included among UNESCO world heritage sites.


A small and charming Renaissance chateau. Its interiors transports us to the period when it was reconstructed in Renaissance style, as well as that when its last owners, the Liechtensteins, travelled on African safaris and brought back all kinds of exotic mementos of their adventures.


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